Youth homelessness is not a choice. Being LGBTQ2S is not a choice. This World Pride, watch Virgin Mobile Canada’s film of support to young people in this difficult situation.

On Tuesday we shared Teal’s story – a powerful account of one young woman’s struggle with homelessness and her transition journey. The recent Toronto Street Needs Assessment “indicated that 20% of youth in the shelter system identify as LGBTQ2S”, although some suspect the figure to be more like 40%.

Lend your support to the #NotAChoice campaign by responding to the question, “If you could share one thing with an LGBTQ youth who is struggling with homelessness, what would it be?” You can video your answer and upload it to and there’s also a pledge that you can sign. If you or someone you know is in need, the website lists places you can contact for support.

To believe that things can change

It doesn’t matter who you love, as long as you love

I will speak up against the hate