How will we be working in the future? How will businesses attract talent? What will our future leaders look like? Following the publication of the B Team's New Ways of Working report, we explore all these questions and more...

New definitions of success

We complete our series on The Future of Work by looking to ancient philosophy to understand the future of business, success, and the good life...

Biophilia boost: bringing nature into the workplace

The power of going green in the workplace, and four ways that you can give your workplace a biophilia boost...

Towards a fairer future

How do you make work fair? We explore three companies trying to do just that.

The impact of health promotion

Exploring the importance of employee wellbeing, and the need for a more human approach.

Tearing up the organisational chart

Continuing our series on the Future of Work, Katie McCrory explores the benefits and the challenges of non-traditional organisational structures.

The four traits of collaborative leadership

Admitting mistakes, multi-sector experience and why future leaders should look to their moral compass, not an MBA textbook.

How social media & technology is changing the way we do business

We explore one of the trends changing how we work: the digital revolution.

Survey: diversity challenges in the workplace

Age, gender, sexual orientation, family commitments… our differences make the world go round, but our workplaces are in dire need of a revolution – found our UK and US survey.

Skills needed in the future workplace

Sometimes it feels implausible that there was ever an age when we didn’t do our jobs whilst being entirely assisted by technology.

The multi-generational workforce

What the future of work has to do with the great Japanese artist, Hokusai. Or how Generation Z will work with Veterans.

It's time to change the conversation on diversity

What is the role of diversity in building profitable businesses that are better for people and planet? Virgin Unite’s Benjamin Hay takes us on a tour of two new B Team reports. 

Five things you need to know about the future of work

How will we be working in the future? What role will future business play in society? How will businesses attract talent? Virgin Unite’s Head of People shares some of the highlights from today’s B Team report, New Ways of Working.

Stay tuned! We'll be sharing more stories in this series over the coming weeks...