Faye Toner is one of Virgin Atlantic’s amazing cabin crew - she's flown all over the world, met thousands of different people and is a valued team member, but that’s not all Faye is known for.

In her spare time, she runs small charity Spread Some Sunshine, which is continuing to go from strength to strength.

Having worked as an air hostess for Virgin Atlantic for a number of years, Faye decided it was time to combine her love of children and creating positive change, and embed it in every part of her life.

It was during some time travelling, that she first put this plan into action, supporting children in any way she could – from spending time in orphanages in Ghana, to fundraising for beds.

When her travelling was up, Faye continued her mission to help others, taking advantage of her flying schedule to keep regular contact with one project in particular.  

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Back in 2014, Faye discovered an orphanage in a small village in Accra, where a couple were housing 15 children. After falling in love with the orphanage, Faye wanted to help reduce the financial pressure on the family and set to fundraising in a number of different ways. It soon became apparent however that the biggest help she could possibly give, would be to raise enough funds for a minibus.

A minibus meant the children could get to school and allow them to take part in things that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to experience; such as going to the beach or finding a large open space to play.

With the help of her friends, Faye co-wrote and recorded a song to release on iTunes. Wanting to keep it as authentic and closely linked to the cause as possible, Faye returned to Ghana and recorded the children singing. With her friend on lead vocals, she produced a beautiful track called Spread Some Sunshine.

This led to Faye officially setting up her own charity, Spread Some Sunshine, which was launched with a great celebration; including African dancers and comedians, a raffle, auction and preview of the recording. All-in-all the event raised £6000, which combined with the support of corporate donors raised enough for the minibus.

Since the minibus was delivered, the children have no longer had to walk the two-mile journey to school and have enjoyed fun-filled days out.

If that wasn't enough, Faye also set up the Birthday Club. There are many orphans across the world who have no idea when their birthdays are and never celebrate them. Faye's Birthday Club idea invites people to volunteer to share their birthday with an orphan, buy them a present and send some cheer on their special day. You can sign up here.

virgin unite, faye toner, orphanage

It is incredibly uplifting to hear stories of people dedicated to making a difference, finding their purpose and making the necessary changes to drive these choices. Find out more about Faye's charity, Spread Some Sunshine and the projects it supports. You can also download Spread Some Sunshine on Amazon and iTunes.